Auto writing- Connect with your Loved Ones

how to connect with your loved onesI was at a party when I overheard someone speaking about Smita aunty ( Smita Jayakar Ji ), so I inquired and got to know she is into chakra healing and auto writing. So I called her and booked an appointment. So warm n nice she was, no arrogance though she is a celebrity. On my request, she gave me an appointment within 2-3 days.

I lost my mom 23 years back and did not meet her the whole of last week before she passed away. People told me what I was doing is wrong and I would be troubling her by calling her. I said it’s okay if I am troubling, but yes I want to meet her as I have a medium to meet her ( Smita aunty ). We reached her place, so warm and affectionate towards us, she called mom and with no drama and no nonsense she asked all that I wanted to, yes you cannot ask rubbish martial questions, I was here to meet her n release her . She and us ( my sister, my dad and Me ) were here to meet her ,to  say that we love her, ask her last wish and release her, so she goes in peace.

If anyone wants to connect with your loved ones who are no more in this world through auto wiritng, Smita Jayakar Ji is the right person and she can do all this only because she does not fake anything, a simple lady who wants to help you.

Thank you Smita aunty

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