Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is the process of channeling spirit directly into writing. It is a psychic ability and a form of channeling which many people find simple and straightforward to develop.

Join in to discover more about life and a life beyond this life the unknown which wishes to be known and is knocking to be discovered, to be heard and to be acknowledged. No matter what is your faith or your religious beliefs, you will have much to learn and discover or maybe re-discover in this journey which sure promises to be an interesting one as what could be more interesting than life and a life beyond this life.

Connect with your family members who have passed on. Contact your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. Find a teacher from another Galaxy. The possibilities are endless once you learn how to do Automatic Writing.

Benefits of Auto writing

  • It helps to serve the purpose of gaining inside information within a person by the choice of words he uses while doing Automatic Writing.
  • It allows you to get information about the personal life of a person. It is a means of connection between a person’s psychic realm and the physical realm.
  • Helps you in communicating with a person who is not present in the physical world. This means it can aid you in communicating with your dear or loved ones, famous people or even your spirit guide.
  • Helps writers suffering from ‘writer’s block’ to come out of it and tap into their imagination and creativity skills.