Autowriting Experience with Smita Jayakar

Thank You Smita Jayakar. I’m sharing my experience to all the readers out there. I have personally experienced Auto writing with Smita Mam in 2015. And I’m sharing my experience so that people can reach out for help and find the right guidance and direction in their own lives.

I had to face a tragedy in 2014 with a sudden death of my husband. I was clueless and was depressed with the situation. I was dealing with my life with great difficulty and suddenly I had to face another shock! I lost my mother. The pain was unbearable and sadness was all surrounded to me. One day I found her Facebook post about spiritual growth and getting connected to souls and I decided to reach out to her.

We had an auto writing session and that’s the time I could connect to my husband. We shared a lot of memories in that session and I was experiencing these magical moments. It is a beautiful experience because you get clarity. It was my auto writing session that helped me to move ahead in life. Trust me. If I haven’t had got the messages, I would not have accepted the process of letting go. Those 3 hours that I spent talking and sharing my concerns of life helped me to change my perspective to life. I got direction and more light in my life. Today, after all these years all I have is deep gratitude towards Smita Mam because she was the medium towards this New ME. Anyone whoever feels lost in life because their loved ones are no more, Please try to connect with them because at the end we all need love, affection and blessings.

Please accept my deepest gratitude Smita Jayakar🙏
Amruta Zaveri