A simple introduction to our magical tuning centres – Chakras


Chakras are energy centres that help you align yourself with universal cosmic energies. There are more than 100 chakras associated with each individual but the most vital of them are the 7 chakras located within our body.

These chakras manage our physical, metaphysical and practical well being. If our chakras are out of order, if they are not aligned or if they are not correctly problems.

The seven chakras are also connected to the seven endocrine glands, which help take care of various physical ailments.

Balancing and activating chakras correctly is of utmost importance for all of us. When all our individual energy centres are perfectly aligned, they raise the collective consciousness leading to a revolution of humanity.

‘Chakras’ is a universal phenomenon. Any human being born on this planet is born with these energy centres. It is entirely science-based and has nothing to do with religion. Even our planet earth has its own chakras. Therefore, it is very essential to be in sync with the universal energies to manifest what you want in life.

Once you understand how these chakras work, you can easily figure out how to help yourself and others. Even the Kundalini Shakti, which is your life force, will gently rise once the chakras are aligned. When the lower chakras are aligned and activated, the third eye chakra also gets activated automatically. If your chakras are aligned, your aura is strengthened and you can become a healer by default.

Root chakra is located at the perineum of the body. It is red in colour. The element of this chakra is earth. The virtue of this chakra is ” stability” or “survival”. It is a fear based chakra. If this chakra is on an overdrive you get in the mode of instability, which is invariably our state. When it is in the slow you get in the mode of ” fear of change”. Frog in the pond kind of an attitude.

The colour of this chakra is red. The mantra is ” laang”

It is situated three inches above the root chakra, near the genitals. The virtue of this chakra is “pleasures”, “fun”, “enjoyment “. It is orange in colour.

When it goes into an overdrive, one goes in the mode of excessive pleasures and when it slows down you deprive yourself. The mantra for this is “laang”.

Location of this chakra is at the naval. The virtue is “power”, “significance”. When this chakra is on an overdrive you grab power at what ever cost. Such people have a very big ego and are insensitive to the needs of the other. When slow they use weak means to show their power.

The colour of this chakra is yellow and the mantra is ” Raang”.

This is situated at the centre of the chest. The virtue of this chakra is “to love and to be loved” When on an overdrive mode one tends to get over possessive and when slow one tends to be stone hearted.

The colour is green and the mantra is “yaang”.

This chakra stands for “oneness” . Not too much is talked about this chakra, though we do meditate on this chakra. This is the state of total enlightenment. This chakra does not have a overdrive and under drive.

The colour is violet and mantra is “Om” again.

This chakra is located in the centre of the eyebrows. The virtue of this chakra is intellect / wisdom.

If this chakra goes on an overdrive you tend to get a spiritual ego. This state is more harmful than the regular ego. One needs to be very careful at this stage. When it is on a slow mode one starts hallucinating.

The colour is indigo, and the mantra is “Om”.

This chakra stands for “oneness” . Not too much is talked about this chakra, though we do meditate on this chakra. This is the state of total enlightenment. This chakra does not have a overdrive and under drive.

The colour is violet and mantra is “Om” again.


This is a visualisation process. Visualise you are sitting on the planet earth, and a tap root from your root chakra goes down, towards the centre of the earth. Imagine it going deeper and deeper trying to reach the centre of the earth, where the earth is warm and moist. Anchor your tap root there.

Now visualise lots of roots coming from the soles of your feet hugging the Mother Earth from the out side. This is the time to thank Mother Earth for our existence on this planet.

Now visualise a golden rod going from the crown cutting the skies, going beyond the galaxies trying to reach that cosmic light. So your are now connected to the Mother Earth from the root chakra and to the divine light from the crown chakra.

Be in that stability for some time.

Then pull the tap root back in the root chakra, and bring those roots back in the soles of your feet. Also get that golden rod back into the crown chakra.

This is a meditation which should be done every day to be absolutely grounded.


This is also a visualisation process. Visualise you are sitting inside a golden cloud which surrounds you from under your feet. Inside this golden cloud are all the people who love you, your guides, ascended masters, your gods, deities ,angels are blessing you and protecting you.

Any negativity that comes cannot enter your aura. It will get reflected back into the universe. You are completely protected in this cocoon.

This meditation has to be done every morning before your day starts.

Aura breaks when you sleep, when you are ill, or operated upon, also when you are drunk and after a sexual activity.

Root Chakra Red Laang Perinium Earth Adrenal Ganesha Sandalphon Stability/Survi val Gold
Sacral Chakra Orange Vaang Genitals Water Gonads Vishnu Chamuel Pleasures Silver
Solar Plexus Yellow Raang Naval Fire Pancreas Maharudra Shiva Uriel Importance/Si gnificance Steel
Heart Chakra Green Yaang Heart Centre Air Thymus Ishvara Raphael Love/To be loved Zinc
Throat Chakra Blue Haang Throat Space Thyroid Sadashiva Michael Surrender/Ac ceptance Tin
Third Eye Indigo Om Centre of eyebrows Pituitary Ardhanaresh wara Gabriel Wisdom/Intell ect Copper
Crown Chakra Violet Om Top of the head Pineal Lord Shiva Zadkiel Oneness Lead

The fingers that correspond to the chakras are:-
Little finger=Heart chakra.
Ring finger=Third Eye chakra.
Middle finger = Solar Plexus chakra.
First finger = Throat chakra.
Thumb = Sacral / Sexual chakra.
Heel of Palm – Wrist junction = Root chakra.
Centre of Palm = Crown chakra.


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