Change Your Reality

Chakra Experience Can change your LifeYou may have noticed, the same diet or the same workout stops having the same effect on our body after a certain point. It comes to a point of stagnation. We don’t recognise the need to break a pattern.

A realisation has to strike that we cannot keep on doing the same thing over and over again and expect different results. We need to break our own barriers to achieve our goals. We need to improve and change according to the demands of the world.

When people from my generation were growing up, technology was not so advanced. So we had to learn to use computers, tablets and smart phones. There was no choice. We had to grow with the world.

 When we feel stuck we blame the people or situations around us. We never look at how we can change in our ways. This is the problem we face if our Mooladhara chakra is imbalanced.

I have been conducting chakra workshops for a very long time. But when I realised that times change every few years I face a very difficult choice. I can either settle for the cushiony safe format of my prior workshop or bring about a change in the format. At such times I get the courage to step out of my comfort zone from my Mooladhara chakra. I take the difficult road of CHANGE and later I realise that it was meant to be!

For someone who is not aware of how to heal their chakras, it could lead to frustration, confusion, anger and depression. Awareness only comes with proper knowledge. Our chakras tend to go off balance very often. It is important to understand this and learn how to correct it.

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