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It is mandatory to analyze our state, where we stand in our spiritual journey. While doing this you have to be brutally honest and integral. As spiritual seekers, you do so many sadhanas, meditate may be for there or four hours at a stretch and feel proud of yourself. But you need to realize this truth;

a)What you did in three hours of meditation  with your eyes closed is not important. What is important is what you did with your eyes open. Important is how u behave and think when you are out in the world.

b)All paths should lead you to a direction and not how much knowledge you have gained OR how many yoga asanas or pranayams  you can do OR how many mantras you can chant or techniques you have  learnt. You have to ask yourself if you are getting a direction and is there any transformation in you and your thought.

c)Do we know and experience the divine?

There are three spiritual phases




If one does not feel this there is something missing in your practices.

For instance you are trapped in a dark room, you try to gauge with your hand the objects in the room.You don’t find anything ,you keep crawling and struggling to find something. Suddenly to touch the feet of a statue, you start feeling the feet of that statue. The way you feel those feet is the way you start feeling the Divine. Slowly you start going upwards and u discover the whole statue. So where is the darkness?

The dark room is within ourselves, we need to discover the statue of divinity within, beginning from the feet. But imagine, while you are struggling in the dark room, suddenly get illuminated. You can now see everything, the crystal chandeliers, beautiful furniture, ornate vases etc, you start arranging those things properly, admiring them and your complete focus changes. This is exactly what has happened to us. Our focused has shifted from the Divine to other things in the world. So how can you FEEL the Divine. You have to learn and discover the divine in your own heart and not outside, just like you discover the statue in the dark room .

Once you feel the Divine next step is to communicate with the Divine. What we are now constantly thinking and communicating is with our own self our ego. We have been doing this for a very long time and completely forgotten to communicate with the Divine. This communication can be silent or one can actually speak aloud, when alone.Communicating in this way is very effective and helpful.

Once you are able to feel the divine and communicate with the divine 24/7 you will start experiencing the divine. Finally it will be only the divine experience all the time and your own small self ego will disappear and will be replaced by the divine. Divine is right here and its so simple. All of us have developed  and imagined complex ideas about enlightenment. It is simpler than the math you learnt in school.

Spiritual path should not create bondages but should bind all together. We have all slept for too long, and the Masters have come to wake us up.

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