Just to see God and to know God without clarity of the mind is like groping in the dark. Human mind has boundaries and can only visualize according to its limited sources. The Divine cannot be explained or conceived mentally. In fact the Divine cannot be seen through human eyes but can only be experienced by our soul. And for a pure experience of the Divine we need to venture within ourselves. Only when we are self realized is when can realize God. God is within us and that which is within us is a self realization process.

Now we may all be very well read and knowledgeable but because of our mundane lives we lose the ability to spiritually awaken ourselves. To begin with the process of going deeper within us we need guidance from masters that have dedicated themselves towards enlightening us spiritually. Many Gurus and masters take birth with the sole purpose of enriching mankind with the experience of true Divinity.

Everytime I met my Gurus, they all contributed heavily to my spiritual path. Infact I would’ve been lost without the divine experiences that I was blessed with.  To narrate a recent encounter was when I met Shri Dadashriji. I went to attend a regular weekend bodh session at the ashram in Karjat. We were all waiting for Dadashriji to arrive with our eyes shut. When we were asked to open our eyes Dadashriji was sitting right in front of us. Something struck my heart. I was speechless. Unconditional love was just a concept until I was put in his presence. I felt the entire universe was inside me and expressing itself through me. I could see the light that was flowing inside me, inside everyone and everything. Tears of gratitude were flowing through my eyes. This highly sensitive state, which even if I try and write about more, is unexplainable in words. But somewhere I knew that Dadashriji had blessed me with the experience and I had tasted the waters of Divinity.

Gurus have the power to take us closer to the Divine. They lead our path. There are many ways to experience the Divine but they cannot be achieved without help from a soul that is already self realized.

The Divine is constantly calling out to us. At the end of the day we are a part of Divinity and Divinity is a part of us. We all have had small divine experiences in our lives wherein we can start to know the Divine. It’s just that we are not aware of it. But there is always a calling. It’s always better sooner than later for us to take the Divine hand. The Creator has created only for us to know, experience and enjoy. Connecting with your higher self, is tapping into vast collective consciousness, the place where all intelligence lies.

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