Sant Mira Bai’s bond with Lord Krishna, Shri Hanuman’s bond with Lord Rama, Jesus’s bond with the Divine are all examples to relate with while “Connecting with the Divine”. Once you have known the Divine, the next step is to Connect with your Divine. Connecting with the Divine literally means Communicating with Him / Her. It involves having a constant conversation. To awaken your divine inside you and to communicate, you have to forge a relation with your God. This process will get simpler if you have a form of your guru or deity that you pray to. For those who don’t believe in a form can settle on a form of natural elements, such as tree, light, or a flame.

Having a relation is the first important step in connecting with the Almighty because only then can you experience the emotions and feelings of the other. For e.g. when a child is hurt, no one is moved by its pain as deeply as the child’s mother because the mother instinctively bonds very closely with her child. Similarly when you emotionally bond or form a relation with the Divine, you create a strong connection.

Any relation becomes stronger when you communicate with the other. So converse with the Divine 24×7. Speak with Him / Her as you would with someone who is close to you. Make the connection as alive as possible. For instance if you talk to the Divine as your friend, relate to the Divine exactly the way you would to a friend. Argue, fight, snap, crack jokes, sulk, be naughty, cry, make the relation as close to the real thing as possible.  An important thing to remember is to recreate a relationship with your Lord which is a strong relationship in your life. For instance don’t take the Divine as your friend if you do not share good relations with your friends. Then instead take Him / Her as your mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, teacher etc. Remember to use the best relationship that you have in your life. And more importantly love your Divine whole heartedly.

The first few days you will have to make a conscious effort to communicate. Initially it may seem like a monologue but once the connection is established something amazing happens! The monologue converts into a conversation. You will hear a strong inner voice conveying a message that clears things you have been mulling over, offering solutions to the problems that perplex you. Sometimes you may also receive a deep spiritual insight that goes beyond your normal line of thought. Sometimes the messages are just to let you know that you are loved. You probably have never experienced such unconditional love before. You will never feel lonely and unloved ever again. I promise you it is some experience to feel this kind of a presence in your life. You will be surprised to know how long the Divine has been yearning for this connection with you. Your Divine connects with the Cosmic energy – The Supreme power. So it is actually your creator talking to you.

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