Energy First Aid Kit

article2In mine and in most people’s view today – we all need a Master. With a Master the path of awakening becomes simpler. A master is like a surgeon. He is the ultimate authority. But even a surgeon agrees that we all need a first aid kit just in case of emergencies. This first aid kit is what I offer in my second level workshop with the blessings of my Master Dadashreeji.

Most people are not sensitive to energies. To achieve this we all need to first understand these energies within us. Science defines energy as E=mc2. It says that the entire world is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Therefore some objects seem hard, some soft, some porous, or some transparent. This means that we can connect to any type of energy provided we know how to do it.

We have seven main energy centres in our body which we need to align. Most of us are not even aware of that.  Once our own energy centres are aligned we can easily gauge the energies around us. We can scan the energies of another person and remove these blocks. For that we need to be energy sensitive, which will be taught in the class.

The second level “It all about you” class, will help you to get in touch with your own energy centres. It’s a hands on class to detect, scan and balance chakras. We also explore the individual energy fields and teach you how to check and clean auras.


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