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I am Smita Jayakar, an actress and theatre personality from Mumbai, India. However, this site is not about Smita, the actress. It’s about the spiritual healer in me.

My quest for a deeper understanding of peace and happiness in life led me to experiment with various natural therapy techniques and practices. Finally, I discovered a simple and practical approach to heal my inner self. Through years of professional and personal life, I have shared this knowledge with many, helping them heal themselves naturally, keeping up their daily schedules and time routines.

I have tried to present much of this through my site…my personal journey of ‘self discovery’, my natural healing techniques, my workshops and a variety of useful information about holistic living.

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Since I owe an allegiance to the Oneness University for all the inner peace I experience today, let me put in a few details about the Oneness movement itself. Read More.

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How can I be spiritual? I cannot give up my day to day being and be a mystic, can I? Read More

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We have all grown up with myths—half-truths—that prevent us from living a life filled with possibility and passion. Read More

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Why Oneness? This is a question I have asked myself and many have asked me. Read More

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Is your daily life taking its toll on you? Do you find it hard to find peace? Let me help you.


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  • [dt_sc_testimonial image=”http://www.newleaftrust.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/unnamed.png” name=”Sujata Kolekar” role=”Housewife / Entrepreneur”]In 2006, I attended Smitaji’s workshop for the first time. I had come all the way from Kolhapur to attend the workshop, having no clue of what the Oneness ideology was all about.[/dt_sc_testimonial]
  • [dt_sc_testimonial image=”http://www.newleaftrust.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/ALV-PAC103006_1.jpg” name=”Dayal Malkani” role=”Businessman”]Dear Smitaji, I really enjoyed your workshop based on the Oneness ideology. For me the biggest learning from the workshop was that life is relationships, first with our selves, then with others and finally with God. From the deeksha that I have attained, there is enlightenment.[/dt_sc_testimonial]
  • [dt_sc_testimonial image=”http://www.newleaftrust.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/polls_B018_1234_89826_answer_2_xlarge.jpeg” name=”Shiv Joshi” role=”Writer, Editor”]If I were to put things simply, meeting Smita Jayakar was a spiritual turning point in my life. Things started changing from the moment I met her. I already had some exposure to spirituality but the Oneness teachings that she explained to me were unlike any other.[/dt_sc_testimonial]
  • [dt_sc_testimonial image=”http://www.newleaftrust.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/img-thing.jpg” name=”Nikhil Gore” role=”Architect”]Although I have never denied the existence of the Almighty, I never realised that complete faith and surrender can work Miracles in one’s life. I only felt it after I attended one of the retreats held by Ms Smita Jayakar.[/dt_sc_testimonial]
  • [dt_sc_testimonial image=”http://www.newleaftrust.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/2785_Solid_Colour_Party_Luncheon_Napkins_-_More_Colours_Available.jpg” name=”Ashwini Joshi” role=”Pre-School Teacher”]Before meeting Smita Jayakar, I did not know much about spirituality. I used to think that it is an esoteric subject meant only for the intellectuals. But Smitaji not only made spirituality extremely easy to understand, but explained practical ways of applying it in life.[/dt_sc_testimonial]

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