How to Find Inner Peace and Balance in Daily Life

Our mind is a dustbin of other people’s opinion. We rarely check what we are, and we keep making our lives miserable thinking what others have to say about us. We lose our stability and our mental balance because of this habit.

Don’t you think your mind is also filled with unpleasant thoughts that you need to dump? The question is – How?

In my opinion, the first step towards peace would be to accept that there is a problem. Acknowledge that you are at a point where you do not know how to deal with situations of life.

To balance your exterior world, you need to balance your inner world. Your inner word is need-based. Your basic need is stability and this is directly connected with your root chakra (Mooldhara Chakra).

We have 7 energy centers in our auric body. The first is the Mooldhara Chakra – if it is not aligned or activated correctly, your basic need (which is stability) is at stake.

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