It’s All About You – Chakra Course ( Level 2)

Chakra healing works on various levels and hence helps to heal physical complaints from an energetic level/perspective. The energetic level is the main support system and foundation for the physical body system. Chakra healing work is focused on healing the energetic disturbance and the underlying primary cause of these bodily issues. This kind of energy healing work is a wonderful compliment to any medical intervention and can truly help to diminish the nasty side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

This course will teach you :


  • How to Scan Chakras
  • How to Heal Chakras
  • How to Clean Auras


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Automatic Writing


Automatic writing is the process of channeling spirit directly into writing. It is a psychic ability and a form of channeling which many people find simple and straightforward to develop.


Join in to discover more about life and a life beyond this life the unknown which wishes to be known and is knocking to be discovered, to be heard and to be acknowledged. No matter what is your faith or your religious beliefs, you will have much to learn and discover or maybe re-discover in this journey which sure promises to be an interesting one as what could be more interesting than life and a life beyond this life.


Connect with your family members who have passed on. Contact your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels. Find a teacher from another Galaxy. The possibilities are endless once you learn how to do Automatic Writing.


Benefits of Auto writing


  • It helps to serve the purpose of gaining inside information within a person by the choice of words he uses while doing Automatic Writing.
  • It allows you to get information about the personal life of a person. It is a means of connection between a person’s psychic realm and the physical realm.
  • Helps you in communicating with a person who is not present in the physical world. This means it can aid you in communicating with your dear or loved ones, famous people or even your spirit guide.
  • Helps writers suffering from ‘writer’s block’ to come out of it and tap into their imagination and creativity skills.


Chakra Cleansing


Chakra Cleansing means the process of cleaning the 7 chakras of the body. There have been many conditions which results in the 7 Chakras in a condition which can be called a state of uncleaned Chakras. Chakra cleansing is the condition where all filters, or obstructions are removed, allowing the Chakras to act as efficient energy conduits. Chakra Cleansing is of utmost importance to ensure the proper spiritual health of human body.


Why Clean the Chakras?


The point of cleansing the chakras is to keep energy flow through them smooth and unhindered.  When you begin working with the chakras and they are open they are also vulnerable in a way.  When Open, they sense and respond more to stimuli thereby affecting you more than if they are closed so it is best to keep them clean just like it’s good to keep your physical body clean.  When you come in contact with many sick people or areas with energies that aren’t quite hygienic it is best to clean your chakras to get rid of that unbalanced energy so it does not affect you.  You can also clean your chakras when you are sick to speed your recovery. You will notice a huge difference after you clean them. Cleaning chakras helps in improving health and smoother energy flow.


This course will teach you:


  • One on one course
  • How to detect imbalance,
  • How to cleanse chakras
  • Detailed background on theories of energy and the Chakras,