It’s all about you


It’s all about “YOU”

Very often we feel stagnated, as if life has come to a full stop, nothing seems to change or move. But the question here is do you want a shift in your life? Do you want to improve your financial situation? your relationship problems? your health issues? Most often the answer is YES!

If yes then How do you go about it? This is where “It’s all about you” comes in. Our workshop is only and exclusively about YOU. We have put together very simple and easy means of bringing a shift. All problems arises because of your inactivated or impaired energy centres. Energy centres are located in various parts of our body of which we are unaware. There are 7 main energy centres in our body. These need to be identified and aligned.

These energy centres also govern our basic needs. They are connected to our endocrine glands which helps keep the body in a stable condition. These energy centres are called Chakras in Sanskrit. They are a scientific Vedic phenomenon. Everyone is open to activating chakras. They are not religious or cult based. Chakras are a universal phenomenon. They are present in every human being born on this planet.

Even the planet earth has its own chakras, therefore it is mandatory that we align ourselves with the universal energies for things to manifest in our life. Once you understand how you can help yourself and others through any situations life throws at you. Balancing and activating these energy centres in ourbody correctly is of utmost importance to raise collective consciousness leading to a human revolution.

We also have have have a lot of chakra related products which will help you to activate your chakras, www.metaphorsoulshp My next chakra workshop is on 9 of July.

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