What is Maitri Bodh?

MaitriBodh Parivaar, founded by Divine Friend and Love Incarnate – Dadashreeji, is a family of friends bonded by a common mission to develop, cultivate and strengthen the human bond of love and friendship.

MaitriBodh Parivaar’s work is aimed at transforming humanity through self-realization and preparing humanity to enter the new era of universal love and peace.

In the pursuit for spiritual fulfilment, for seekers to better understand themselves and their true purpose in life, MaitriBodh Parivaar’s programs help reconnect with the individual’s higher sacred self. There begins the journey of inner awakening with direction, to fulfil the purpose of one’s existence.

The Parivaar also aims to serve mankind – through care and development programs for women, children, the aged and the youth – for bringing greater harmony to self, home, community, and the world.