Meditation for pain relief

Millions of people suffer from pain due to various physical ailments. Enduring this pain is not only a physical strain but also an emotional stress in life. Painkillers are used for relieving pain and is a quick method but it may affect our mental balance and also have bad side affects to the body. Another popular method that helps in pain relief is Mindfulness meditation. “Mindfulness meditation is a technique to attain a state of alert and focused relaxation by paying attention to our thoughts and sensations without any judgment.” It can be used as an alternative therapy to ease pain.


First step is to get yourself prepared for this process. Choose a quiet and comfortable place for you to sit or lie down. Make sure you are not distracted for the duration of your meditation.

Turn your awareness to your body

Concentrate where is the pain is ,what it feels like and how our body is reacting to it. Consciously release or soften those areas of your body so that you stay relaxed.

Be in the present moment

The third step is to let go of all your thoughts and be in the present moment. Start by focusing on your breathing. Focus your awareness only on your body. You can do deep belly breaths or just concentrate on your inhaling and exhaling .

Get interested

Investigate the pain as if experiencing it for the very first time. Become interested about the pain in that moment. Allow whatever you encounter to be as it is. Do to judge or label certain parts of the body or treat painful body parts as an enemy, instead just be aware of the sensations.

Repeat regularly.

Whatever form of meditation choose, It is necessary to make it a regular practice to see positive outcomes. Overtime you can train your brain to respond naturally pain this way.

By doing this, the ability to cope with pain improves which, in turn, improves their quality of life. It also has the wonderful side benefit of alleviating much of the mental and emotional strain associated with chronic pain. It does not have any risks or negative side effects and is a completely natural process.

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