Meditation helps in Stress management

One of the most common ways to relieve regular stress is to practice meditation. By learning to calm your body and mind, stress can reduce to a great extent. This leaves you feeling good, refreshed and ready to face the challenges of your day with a healthy attitude. When we experience stress, our body reacts in a specific manner which may lead to various health issues in the long run. Meditation restores the body to a calm state, helping the body to repair itself and preventing new damage due to the physical effects of stress.

Meditation is wonderful and very effective in short term stress reduction and good health. It does take some practice and some people might find it difficult in the beginning of this process. However, the time and effort it takes to learn and practice is well worth it in terms of the benefits it provides. Compared to other stress reduction methods such as medications and herbal treatments, meditation has no side effects. People with physical problems would find meditation easier than other workouts for stress relief.

Visualization Meditation is one the many techniques for relieving stress. Visualization involves imagining a scene in which you feel at peace, free to let go of all tension and anxiety. To practice visualization choose any calm setting, where you can do it in silence listening to a soothing music or under the guidance of a therapist. Close your eyes and start imagining something beautiful and calm. Picture it as clearly as you can. Everything you can see, hear, smell, taste, and feel. Visualization works best if you incorporate as many sensory details as possible, using at least three of your senses. When visualizing, choose imagery that appeals to you. Enjoy  the feeling of deep relaxation that basks you as you slowly travel through your imagination. When you are ready, gently open your eyes and come back to the present. It is natural for the beginners to fall asleep during this process, in order to avoid that it is better to sit than to lie down.

We would get better at this meditation as we gain experience.The idea of meditating is to completely empty the brain and allow it to go wherever it wants. You are not forcing any thoughts or images into your head. Start by focusing on breathing, and let your mind do whatever it wants to do naturally. With this technique, you will start to have strong visualizations just by ‘letting go’ and allowing your brain to put on the show. These visualizations are a great insight into your mind because they are not constructed manually but just occur on their own merit and is a great tool for stress relief.

Nowadays meditation is an important part in wellness programmes offered by various corporates to help employees to improve their performance and also to reduce stress in life. It helps employees to have a better relation with their colleagues and would lead to a better teamwork. Meditation brings in more focus and clarity in an individual which results in better communication with the managers and other employees. This is vital for the smooth running of an organization. There are many experts who conducts meditation workshops in India and internationally. Smita Jayakar who is a well known bollywood actress and a spiritual healer provides guidance and support in any subject related to Spirituality for betterment of corporate work environment. For all those who want to attend and experience the meditation and chakra healing workshop conducted by Smita are welcome to get in touch with her on or contact Geetanjali Rao – 09870552909 to know more about workshops happening in and around your place.

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