article13Both Shiv and Shakti play major roles in creation. Creation has been made by Shiva but it stands still without Shakti. She makes the water flow, the wind blow and the sun rise. We too are made up of male and female attributes. But we have lost balance within ourselves and therefore lost balance outside of us. Somewhere, not only men but women have also contributed in insulting the female embodiment. Mother Earth is the first victim of abuse.

We have forgotten how every aspect of our survival comes from Earth. Everything we come in contact with is born from Mother Earth’s womb. She is the mother of the food we eat, the liquids we drink, the money we earn, the gadgets we use, the shelter we live in. Our existence, survival and death, all happen in her arms. To live with this realization day in day out is gratitude enough.

Then come Divine Mothers like Shakti, Parvati, Mother Mary, Laxshmi etc. I cannot fathom how in a country where we worship so many Goddesses, we easily tend to disrespect women. From all the mythology we know, disrespecting women has not gone unpunished. And yet we struggle to free women from all kinds of shackles.

Let me share with you a small scripture that even I was shocked to learn about. We all know of our beloved Goddess Lakshmi. We have always perceived her as a grown woman to be standing in a lotus flower and showering gold. However the energies of Goddess Lakshmi are not of a full grown woman but of a young girl. Lakshmi comes to those who respect her, love her, nurture her, pamper her and handle her delicately. Whenever Lakshmi comes to you beckon her to stay forever. Treat her like your daughter. Whenever you part with her pray that she prospers.

A woman’s body has been compared to a shrine. Just as you have to climb so many steps, or cross mountains to visit a shrine, it takes time to reach a woman’s heart. But as you finally reach the shrine something shifts inside you and you are mesmerized by the divinity. Similarly when you start understanding a woman you will find the essence of her being. You will realise that her true nature is just of a giver. She is full of love and compassion and only wants love and compassion in return.

I am aware of the fact that today women believe in stepping in a man’s shoes and doing his job better. I am not against it at all. But every woman needs to find out what is the intention behind this. If they are doing this to prove a point to men, then the balance within them has gone off. The intent of being independent should not stem out of a feeling or inferiority or superiority of being a woman.

I would like to end this article by sending out a prayer for the well being of the entire female embodiment. My salutation and gratitude to all mothers.

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