Spiritual Awakening


How can I be spiritual? I cannot give up my day to day being and be a mystic, can I? Spirituality is probably one word, which has made most of us shy away from it, probably because it lacks a clear definition and more so, because it is erroneously taken as anything linked to orthodox religion or religious beliefs.
Thinking back, I was, like most, a religious person, believing in God and prayer. However, I had no clue of what spirituality meant. I was just looking for answers to questions about life that intrigued me.

This is when my first guru, Prabhuji stepped in and helped me understand that spirituality is nothing but a process of reconnecting with your life’s purpose and celebrating life with more power and passion.

In my spiritual quest, I have gone on to explore many streams of spiritual practice. I did my Grand Masters in Reiki, learnt self healing through Acupressure, did Kundalini and Rebirthing & Breathwork workshops. However, it is after my stint with the Oneness stream that I found my path to inner transformation.

Through my personal experience and the exchanges I have had with those who have attended my workshops, I have learnt the awesome power of thought and the mental and physical healing that balanced energy flow can bring.

Now I regularly practice Chakra Dhyana meditation that focuses on working around the energy systems in the body and bringing them to balance. I hold regular workshops, sharing my experience and learning through the knowledge that others bring. Being easy to practice and less time consuming, I have had a lot of enquiries coming to me about the Body Chakra ideology, my workshops and their modules.

This is what drove me to lay out this website. This site is a resource to support your journey, whether you are looking for psychological healing or spiritual awakening. This work is about you, the individual making choices from your own deep inner knowing, not from what I say, but from what you ought to believe.