article29“Giving” and “Receiving “is a natural phenomenon of life. Your existence in this world signifies that either there is something to give or something to receive to complete the karmic cycle in this lifetime. You receive as per what you have given. This is the law of nature.

Human tendency is to always want more than what we give. If we check our pasts we will see that we have an unquenched thirst of wanting more and more in our life. However it’s crucial to have an inner realization of how much we have selflessly given back.

Let us take an example of the cup of tea or coffee we all have every day. Some of us can’t start our day without it while some need a cuppa every hour to keep going. But have we ever given a thought to the factors that are responsible to bring to us this delicious drink that we just cannot do without? Where do the tea leaves or coffee beans come from? India or overseas? On which part of the Earth have the shrubs grown? So many insects and worms are responsible for the growth of the shrub. Then the sun, the rain, the soil, effects of the ebb and tide and other innumerable processes that are responsible for its growth. Then come the laborers and so many other people that are responsible to bring you that one special cup. Now this was just about the tea or coffee. Then there is the milk, sugar, water, the cup and saucer etc.  How are we ever going to repay the debt of all these factors? Is monetary payment enough? A cup of tea is one of the thousand things we consume in a day. From the time we are born till we die we are under the obligation of nature and people in the universe who we will never even know about.

We have to understand the fact that whatever we are today and whoever we are, big, small, rich, poor is because of so many factors in the universe and so many people who have contributed to our existence. If we don’t pay back or return the favour to the universe, the law of karma comes into play. Nature will demand from you. You may fall sick and pay fat hospital bills, or face heavy losses in business or get robbed etc.

To give back is not necessarily done only monetarily. It can be in the form of seva “service” to mankind in any way you like. You may help a blind man cross the road or offer your seat in the train to a senior citizen. Giving back can start with the realization of factors responsible for your existence. It can begin with a humbling thought of gratitude to all that is, whether animate or inanimate. Once this heart warming realization comes to you, you will experience an ultimate state of spirituality which is “Oneness with all that is”.

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