Chakra healing workshop by Smita JayakarHidden switches are none other than the much talked about “CHAKRAS’. It is amazing to discover how far chakras can affect our lives. Much has been said about them few have experienced their astonishing effect. Chakras are my speciality and i have preached , practiced, and experienced their mystical powers. I am holding a CHAKRA WORHSHOP on 29 march and I would like to invite all of you to come and explore these magical energy centers of our body (please e mail or call on +91 9322290211 for details)

Chakras are seven main energy centers of our body..

Chakras are basically a nexus of nerves located in the spinal chord and whenever we chant a mantra corresponding to a specific chakra, these nerves get activated. The  point at which the nerves intersect the spinal chord ,is where the chakra is located. They govern our thoughts, behaviour, and wellbeing. If we have a physical or psychological problem, it is likely that one or more of our chakras are not well balanced, but when we correct the imbalance, the problem sorts itself out. Once you understand each chakra in detail, you will be able to gauge their importance in your life.

On a physical level the chakras are connected with our endocrine glands such as thyroid, pineal, pituitary, pancreas, thymus and gonads. These glands govern the various systems of our body.

Chakras are energy fields , hence cannot be seen in our physical body even if you dissect it. They exist in our panch koshas commonly understood as the auric field. Psychics are able to see the koshas and chakras. Any malfunction in your chakras  first hits the koshas or the auric body. It gets manifested in the physical body after a few months. Psychics who claim to see this warn you of their physical manifestations much before you even experience it.

Balancing chakras bring about a profound change in a person . When ‘you’ change your world will change too as your external world is only a reflection of your inner world. One of the first changes you might observe is the way you now handle a hurt or wrong done to you. Forgiveness would come naturally to you. Even your anger will not have any charge. The memory will remain but the charge will not be there. As chakras stand for different elements balancing them also balances the elements in our body. Each chakra signifies a different aspect of our lives. It is directly connected to our brain as wel.. Each time a chakra is stimulated, the corresponding part in the brain too gets activated. Accordingly our thought process changes.

There is no time or age limit for balancing chakras . Whether you chakras will open or not or how it will all happen depends upon your spiritual growth. As your chakras get aligned your spiritual growth also evolves. Your aura starts having a positive effect on others.

Chakra Dhyana yields mighty results if done on a regular basis. We can learn more about it in the class.

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