The Sea Beckons

Learn more about chakras and thier importanceIt’s tradition in our family to travel to a new place for every New Year’s Eve. It’s the time we all get a much needed break and good amount of family time. This year we visited Bali. We were staying at a beautiful hotel. Our balconies faced the vast ocean and it was a treat for the eyes everyday to witness the beautiful sunsets of Bali. But I will make a confession that Bali wasn’t my first preference. I have or I should say had a tremendous fear of water. However this trip had something else in store for me.

While I was sitting by the ocean enjoying the view one morning I started to feel the currents of the ocean drawing me towards them. I felt a strong sensation in my swadhishthana chakra (the of this chakra element is water). And suddenly the energy of the water started to interact with me.

As I heard the water I went into deep meditation. The sound of the waves was becoming clearer gradually. They were making the sound of So-Hum. While the wave was being formed it sounded So and when the wave broke it sounded Hum. This is also the sound of our breath. Inhaling is So and exhaling is Hum. When I coordinated my breath with the waves of the ocean I experienced complete silence and stillness. This took me deeper and deeper into my meditation.

If one has to draw an analogy, the waves are like thoughts and the shore is like the mind. Just as waves will only break at the shore, thoughts will only break at the mind. If there is no shore there are no waves – If there is no mind there will be no thoughts. The ocean seems calm until it reaches the shore and that’s when it breaks into waves. One has to realise that waves will come, break on the shore and again return to the ocean. They do not remain at the shore forever.

Another metaphor the ocean gave me that day was that one has only two options either to tide over the waves or let the wave take you in. This is exactly how one must deal with disturbances in life. Either experience them fully or completely surrender to the Divine plan.

As I looked up into the sky and watched it meet the ocean at the horizon I realised what the illusion of the sky meeting the sea truly meant. The sky is just a witness of consciousness. It envelopes us and watches everything. It does not react. A human being must strive for the state of the sky to become awakened. He must only be a witness.

The strongest sensation I felt during this state was in my swadhishthana chakra. 78-80% of our body is water and 75-80% of the planet is water. My internal water energy was strongly connected to the external water energy. Water bodies soothe the swadhishtana chakra. This chakra is emotion based. Most women experience issues related to the swadhishtana chakra. Water is responsible for either stirring up emotions or calming them. We need to keep the swadhishthana chakra in balance so as to help it do its job right.

I started to experience water in a different way from that day onwards as this realisation dawned upon me. It was the energy of the ocean that helped me. It soothed my swadhishthana chakra. I won’t say I can swim now or can jump into mid sea but I can definitely feel no sense of fear towards this beautiful element. All there is left to feel is gratitude.

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