Know th epurpose of your Birth- Smita Jayakar1]We need to know the purpose and end of our path.If we know the end only then we will know where we are headed. It is eventually your own personal journey and  you need to know the significance of the journey your are embarking. One really needs to be focused and work towards it.

Please ask yourself these questions,a) do we find time for ourselves, b) is all our time and our entire life squandered in mundane activities? c) does life only revolve around family,friends and work? d) have we thought of what is our purpose in life.

We have read and heard so much about spirituality, enlightment,that we have formed our own concepts and beliefs about it. How do we grow with our own learning and not from concepts and beliefs heard and read from others.

To begin with whatever little peace and joy you experience during your sadhanas and meditations, let that become your personal experience. Gradually let this experience grow. It will not be a concept anymore but something you have experienced yourself. No one can challenge it. It is like for e.g reading a description of a mango and actually holding the mango in your hand and eating it.”Truth is still untruth till it becomes your truth”.

The pain and suffering you go through in your life makes you question the existence of GOD. Every experience in life is a process of learning.

Question is how does start on this path. First and foremost you have to experience oneness with yourself. We always criticize ourselves we are never happy with what the divine has given us. Finding faults with our self is our habit and finding faults with others is our past time. We believe that the other person leads a better life than us just like the saying ”Grass is greener on the other side”, which is actually not true , we all are sailing in the same boat.

Coming to terms with ourselves and accepting ourselves with all our draw backs makes it easier for us to seek divine help.Now the big question is how does one do it. Here spiritual practices can help. They can help you attain oneness with yourself. You start loving yourself the way you are, irrespective of what the world thinks about you. Unless you love yourself you cant love the other. If there is no love within you how can you share love with someone else. This is your first baby step towards spirituality. This leads to our second step of the ladder.

Oneness with the other. When you love yourself unconditionally you automatically connect with the other. All of us go through the same emotions of fear, hatred, insecurity, jealousy etc. Ratio may be different, reasons may be different but the emotion is the same. We become more sensitive to the problems of the other. Until now our life revolved only between “I”,Me,and “Myself”. You automatically reach out to people,and people also reach out to you as you have become more sensitive, more approachable.You feel connected with the world around you,its a feeling of homecoming,belonging.

Finally you connect with the Divine or your Higher self.This is the purpose of your birth and its our responsibility as spiritual beings to spread this awareness. If not in this birth, perhaps in another birth this realization has to happen. That is why Hindu scriptures say that we continue taking several births, each birth getting closer to this awareness,finally liberate ourselves from the cycles of birth and death.

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