Connect with your departed souls- Smita JayakarI got the ‘deeksha’/download of Auto writing from my first guru Shri Prabhuji, who blessed me with the communication technique. This was almost 25yrs ago and ever since I have been practicing it. I started communicating with my father who had transitioned just one month after my marriage of cardiac arrest. He started guiding me spiritually. Other spirits started getting in touch with my father’s spirit for help. As a result I started helping my friends communicate with their people who had passed over.

I had a client who wanted to connect with her father. As I started the communication and put my pen to the paper all that kept coming was “G… G…Gu…. Gul….. Gul”. I thought that the soul was not ready to communicate. I told the lady so and read out the words “G… G….Gu…Gul…Gul” to her. The lady burst out in tears upon hearing this and told me that her father use to stammer. This lady’s name was Gulnaaz and her father would always stammer before calling her name out.

Auto writing is a spirit communication technique wherein one has to shut off one’s conscious mind and allow the spirit guides take over. The soul is in an ovulite form, it only has an energy body, not the physical body, so the soul is not interested in the games our mind and body is playing. We are all only energy. Unless you see yourself as energy this will not make sense to you.

I once had a client who’s brother had passed away at a very young age leaving his wife and two children behind. I could connect to the soul very easily. However the client kept asking for his locker numbers and bank account details. The soul answered every other question except this one. The soul, very hurtfully, finally said “Sister, I thought he came to find out how I was, and not to find out how much money I had left behind.”

We must understand that there is nothing eerie about auto writing. In fact it is a meditation which involves clearing the mind and raising your energy. One does not need to dim the lights or light candles etc. to do this. It is a beautiful healing experience. It could be a saviour you are looking for in times of grief. It is a tool which allows people to communicate and find closure with their deceased loved ones through mediums like me.

I had a client who’s mother had suddenly passed away when he and his brother were very young.  He came to me recently to connect. His mother’s soul was already present even before I could make the connection. She was so restlessly waiting for all these years yearning to connect with her boys. Finally she was at peace.

Souls are in a happier state than when they are in human form. They are constantly making an upward journey and finding closure only facilitates their path.

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