How to meditate- Smita JayakarA few months back, I had gone to a hill station near Mumbai for a quiet weekend with my family and some friends. We were all sitting around the table discussing spirituality, when my husband asked us to describe what meditation meant to each of us. Not surprisingly, every person came up with a different answer. Someone said, ‘To me, meditation is getting to know myself.’ Another offered, ‘Meditation means becoming aware of your thoughts.’ Yet another had this to say, ‘Meditation is to be one with all that is.’ Interestingly, all of us were right.

This happens because meditation is a concept. It is not a ritual, though performing it as a ritual helps you get started when you are just a beginner. It is the means to an end, and not the end itself. A person can get into a meditative state doing just about anything. A singer is in meditation when she is singing. A painter meditates when he paints. An accountant too is meditating when he gets so engrossed in his account sheets that he has no awareness of the chaos around him. You could be in any state, if you are fully focussed on what you are doing, to the exclusion of everything around you, you are probably meditating. When you are in that laser-like focus, time ceases to exist. No thought other than that about the task crosses your mind. For once, you even forget your body—the flab, the thinning hair, your dark spots…everything. It is during such times that the Divine in you reveals Himself. This is what ‘being in the now, being in the moment’ means. It is what athletes in a sprint call ‘being in the zone’.

So, does that mean sitting crossed-legged in solitude is a farce? Certainly not! Like the spiritual thought leader Osho says, ‘They are all tools that help you get in the “flow”.’ They help you tune your spiritual ears so that you are able to hear the melody of your inner being. The real you. These practices help you tune out the external sounds and the inner noise of mental chatter that goes on constantly. If you are fully present in the moment as you read this book, you might be in a meditative state even now! Doesn’t that happen to us all, sometimes? Have you not been so engrossed in something at times that you fail to realise even when someone comes and stands beside you? And then, when you suddenly become aware of their presence, you tend to get startled.

It is to help you get intimate with yourself that the different meditation techniques have been devised. There are literally a thousand ways to meditate. But they all aim to do only one thing—make you aware of yourself. When you are attuned to your inner divinity, you grow spiritually. You then begin to function more efficiently in the external world.

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