Since I owe an allegiance to the Oneness University for all the inner peace I experience today, let me put in a few details about the Oneness movement itself. Oneness is a phenomenon sourced in the Divine intent of its visionary founders, Sri Amma Bhagwan who are revered as Embodiments of the Divine by millions world over.

The mission of the Oneness movement is to alleviate human suffering and awaken humanity to a state of total and unconditional freedom. Sri Amma Bhagwan’s vision is not merely about liberating a chosen few, but humanity as a whole by passing on divine knowledge to innumerable people world over and transforming lives. This is done through Oneness Facilitators who help open up the brain to allow the Divine energy to enter within it, assisting in the enlightenment or awakening of an individual’s soul. What is great about the entire process is that it is extremely simple and works around internal strengths that each individual already possesses. The facilitators merely act as an instrument and make themselves available so that the Divine can reach out to man.


The Oneness teachings come forth as a new paradigm that completely redefine spirituality by instilling the faith that heightens love and joy and make it a reality that is possible for every individual. In stark contrast to what has been interpreted as an active strife towards the up keeping of virtuous ideals, Sri Amma Bhagwan lucidly interpret transformation as a passive internal acceptance of oneself, which instantly liberates the seeker from the scourge of psychological becoming and mental conflict.


Another interesting aspect of the Oneness movement is that it gives full liberty to an individual to choose his or her path to internal transformation. The approach to inner freedom is one that does not seek to replace one’s existing faith or personal God but rather provide direct awakening to whichever faith or God one is naturally inclined to.


There have been many instances of profound physical and psychological healing through Oneness. For the spiritual seekers the Oneness Blessing has opened different vistas of altered states of consciousness. The Oneness Blessing has also helped people come out of stress and stress related problems like addictions etc. The Blessing has also helped many heal relationships and enhance creative intelligence in their professional lives.

As for me, I whole heartedly thank the Oneness University and Sri Amma Bhagwan for guiding me through my pursuit of self discovery and inner consciousness. I seek blessings of all my saviour Gods to steer my spiritual journey so I can help others and share my learning’s of life with many.