article10Spirituality is a word which is highly used and misused by many. Its fashionable to tell people that im Spiritual or im inclined to Spirituality. Invariably, its mistaken to be meditation, doing mantra jaap, fasting, going to temples or other religious endeavors. Being spiritual is not a teaching it is our basic nature. ‘Spirituality’ is being natural and at ease with yourself; you are at comfort with yourself.We have forgotten our ‘true nature’. We have adapted ourselves to many things and we lead our lives according social norms or through our fears. A Spiritual person takes decisions from the heart. When you try to identify with something youre not or try to do something against your wish, manipulate for something higher, you start suffering because that is against your very nature.

Right thinking is what takes you forward towards your goal and that is spiritual thinking.
Its actually very simple to be spiritual. We make it complicated. Most of us are spiritually challenged. Hypocrisy, mediocrity, false pride, lack of character, lack of conviction is what we are made up of and we call ourselves Spiritual. It is inherent to gravitate towards Spirituality. It is inherent in the soul to go back home to the Source. The Source is waiting for the soul to come home. Most of us are deaf to this inner calling. Spirituality is to listen or pay heed to that call. Lots of signals are sent to us. Some unfortunately have to go through a huge trauma to wake them up. Only then they realise the materialistic layers they have put around themselves.
The intrinsic nature of planet Earth and also of us humans is Peace and Love, but we have forgotten that. That realisation is going ‘back to the source’.
For example, a person who cheats or hurts another is not comfortable with himself. His conscience, as a voice from his heart, is always making him aware of his action, but a non-spiritual person would choose to ignore that ‘voice’ and convince himself of his action. On the contrary, the spiritual person will be attuned to this voice and aware of his actions. He would be able to admit to himself that he has wronged and as he goes higher he would ensure that in a similar situation in the future, his response is different. In short, he thinks of others through his heart and not only of himself through his mind. This ‘Integrity’ is a step on the part of Spirituality.
Growing Spiritually is not difficult at all. It is the need of the hour. Unless we do it we will deviate from the source. There are only 2 mistakes a person makes along this path (a) Not going all the way or (b) Not starting at all.
Initially, even I would doubt my spiritual growth when people asked me, do you know ‘aum chanting’, ‘can you see auras or feel energies’, ‘is your third eye opened’, ‘did you have an out of body experience’. Nothing of all this happened to me and I felt I was not growing spiritually.
However, it was my Guruji Shree Dadashreeji who clarified – “the simple truth of Spirituality is to be natural and be integral”.
I can also recollect his words “I am not concerned with the 2 hours of the day that your eyes are closed in meditation – but with the rest of the 22, when your eyes are open”
So to sum it up, Spirituality is letting go of the layers, the fears, the prejudged notions, the charge of past events – and being true to oneself. At first we will need to ‘try’ doing this everyday but it will be clear that it is our nature that we have long suppressed.

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