article27After having downloaded so much of spiritual knowledge, one obviously wants to follow a path which we feel is right for us. We from our little understanding, that a particular path is right for me and get stuck in that path. My Guruji SHREE DADASHREE JI SAYS that the path becomes more important than the goal itself.

The creator did not create specific paths to reach him. He made things very simple and we complicated them. We categorised different methods, ways and techniques and we try to fit ourselves in any one of them. Some want to be a karma yogi(doing actions), some want to be bhaktas and some want to be gyanis (path of knowledge).

Take an example of the great saint Tukaram, before he was initiated by his Master he did all his household responsibilities and fulfilled his obligations in the best way possible. During that time he was a karma yogi. Once he was initiated he became an ardent devotee of Lord Vitthal and became the most astounding bhakta. His experiences with Lord Vitthal led him to write such words and poems (abhangs), that even till date gets tears in the eyes of people and baffles a gyani, where even a highly intellectual person’s words cannot match or come close to it. So in that sense he was also a Gyani. These same abhangs were served to the society for their transformation, thus providing a colossal service to mankind. But we have categorised him as a bhakta and some want to become like him following only bhakti.

So SHREE DADASHREEJI further says following a “specific” Path is ridiculous. What decides your path is your body composition, your inner personality and your timings in the journey of your life. Basic and the most important thing is your heart ,which needs to open up, with whatever method you follow. Here is where the need for a Guru or a Master comes.

In life we take guidance for any smallest of things right from our school and college days we need teachers and professors. But when it comes to the highest truth of our basic existence of our life we fight shy to take guidance from a guru or master. We feel that we know it all and will read books and attend courses. But to know this supreme truth of our life we need the help of a Master or Guru  who will be able to guide us through.

Unfortunately as we see in the present day and age some masters have developed a bad  reputation and some who are good masters. But its important to realise that both good and bad are there to teach you a lesson, which will eventually help you to grow. It’s up to you how you look at things and learn from it. The good Masters who are enlightened and awakened are fewer in number are working quietly and away from the limelight. It’s important for the society to realize their value and seek their advice.

True Master is the one who gives you freedom and transforms you and gives the power to transform others. A real Master is someone who is completely committed to the cause. He keeps a check on the disciple’s growth. He does not expect anything in return, but always keeps giving to the disciple.

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