I am Smita Jayakar, an actress and theatre personality from Mumbai, India. However, this site is not about Smita, the actress. It’s about the spiritual healer in me.

My quest for a deeper understanding of peace and happiness in life led me to experiment with various natural therapy techniques and practices. Finally, I discovered a simple and practical approach to heal my inner self. Through years of professional and personal life, I have shared this knowledge with many, helping them heal themselves naturally, keeping up their daily schedules and time routines.

I have tried to present much of this through my site…my personal journey of ‘self discovery’, my natural healing techniques, my workshops and a variety of useful information about holistic living.



  • ThankYou so much! Smita Jayakar ma’am for answering my question so beautifully, I have sent this video to everyone who asks me this question and I am pretty sure that they won’t ask about it again. Thanks a lot for giving me this opportunity to be so happy and feeling so loved ️ Lots of Love to you! ️


  • Chakra workshop was a great experience for me at valsad recently, had a scattered idea about the subject and learned everything in a systematic manner. Was full of positivity by the end of next day and meeting and interacting with smita ji and vandy ji was a fulfilling experience. Somewhere also felt healed. Have started with practice although trying to be regular but hoping for a better life

    Nupur Mandovra

  • I’m thankful to you , Geeta ji, Vandana ji& Rajat & the entire pariwar. Chakra meditation has helped me cure my body’s ailments. I used to have migraine, back ache, & sensitive stomach. After I started doing chakra meditation I realised in around 3/4 months I didn’t have any of these. I actually forgot about having any of these problems. That has helped me improve my focus.& meditate effectively as I’m able to help my clients with it immensely .

    Mrinal. P.S: Shatta shatta naman to Shri Dada Shreeji🌸🙏🏻

  • Dear Smita, I’m grateful to receive the immense knowledge of Chakra from you. I have been teaching yoga for couple of years now and so had a little knowledge about the chakras. All though knowing about these seven energy centers, I always had a quest to learn more in depth. Through you Chakra workshop the quest is been fulfilled. Through your workshop I have learnt that how important are this chakras in our life. It has helped me alot to overcome the negative influences that I was carrying, the thoughts, attitude.,may it be mental or physical, it has uplifted me in every manner. As now I understood the importance of chakras and how it benefits to create instant change in […]

    Kashmira Batwar

  • Dear Smita Jaykar Madam, It was wonderful experience we had for the two ‘Auto writing’ sessions , for our Mother (first) and Father ( later ) ,which we had with you on 4th June 2018 and 14th June 2018 . We would like to place our gratitude as it was a great relief for us to know the status of the souls by actually contacting them through you.

    Ms. Shweta Belose

  • नमस्कार मॕम ! मी आपले पुस्तक आत्ता नाहि तर केव्हा मधील सहा प्रकरणे नुकतीच वाचली.आपली मुद्देसुद भाषा आटोपशीर मांडणी छोटि प्रकरणे याने पुस्तक वाचताना हलके फुलके वाटते व आध्यातम म्हणजे काहितरी जड भरपुर क्लीष्ट आणि भरपुर शाब्दिक अवडंबर हि पूर्वीची आध्यात्मिक समिकरणे आपोआप गळून पडतात. जसे वाचत जाऊ तसे एक प्रकारे उर्जातरंग जाणवले.व एक प्रकारचे चैतन्यपूर्ण आनंदि वातावरण आनुभवास आले.हा तोच अनुभव असेल का जो आध्यात्मिक मार्गावर सुरूवातीस येतो?असो.मला शक्ती प्राप्त होतानाचा आनुभव आला. मॕम माझ्या समीर स्वामिनी या यु ट्युबवरील व्हिडीओजना कृपया एकदा जरुर पहा.मी कविता करतो लेखन करतो व गाणी लीहितो.आणि ती अभ्यासपूर्वक लिहीतो.ती आपण जरुर एकतरी ऐकावी हि आपणास विनंती जेणेकरुन आपल्याला थोडे मनोरंजन होईल व तसे झाले तर आपण पुस्तकरुपाने पाठविलेल्या शक्तीबद्दल अल्प प्रमाणात कृतज्ञता व्यक्त […]


  • Dear friends, I met Smita Jayakar a few days ago and she is just absolutely radiating positive energy and inner peace. Her one day workshop will surely help to bring the chakras in balance and in harmony with the universe. Chakra meditation is a beautiful way to bring the balance we so need in our lives. It’s a fact that our external world is a direct reflection of our inner world.  We just need to work on these important energy centres to bring about a transformation.  I have personally experienced the beautiful benefits of chakra meditation for last couple of years. Hope some of you can make it for her wonderful workshop.


  • Smita ji thank you so much for this wonderful experience, I’m so glad we did this and it was a lifetime experience, so overwhelming. The process was amazingly positive, there were so many Unanswered questions that I had in mind, so many complaints and so many things that I had to say that I couldn’t otherwise. This session has healed my soul, I feel lighter and so much better about myself. Life has been a bit tough for me and my daughters when I lost my husband and they lost their father but this has made things so much better for us and I’m so grateful, I feel blessed.

    Darshana Shanbag. Dress designer

  • In March 2004, we were introduced to the Oneness ideology by Ms Smita Jayakar and we thank the Divine for sending us grace through her. The blessing has not only guided us and helped us achieve personal and professional satisfaction and success but most importantly introduced us to our real selves, our Antarayamin.


  • In 2006, I attended Smitaji’s workshop for the first time. I had come all the way from Kolhapur to attend the workshop, having no clue of what the Oneness ideology was all about.


  • Dear Smitaji, I really enjoyed your workshop based on the Oneness ideology. For me the biggest learning from the workshop was that life is relationships, first with our selves, then with others and finally with God. From the deeksha that I have attained, there is enlightenment.


  • If I were to put things simply, meeting Smita Jayakar was a spiritual turning point in my life. Things started changing from the moment I met her. I already had some exposure to spirituality but the Oneness teachings that she explained to me were unlike any other.


  • Although I have never denied the existence of the Almighty, I never realised that complete faith and surrender can work Miracles in one’s life. I only felt it after I attended one of the retreats held by Ms Smita Jayakar.


  • Before meeting Smita Jayakar, I did not know much about spirituality. I used to think that it is an esoteric subject meant only for the intellectuals. But Smitaji not only made spirituality extremely easy to understand, but explained practical ways of applying it in life.